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Mars BIM Group is established in year 2001. with a goal to provide BIM Outsourcing Services to India, CAD Outsourcing BIM Services and Outsourcing Support USA, UAE, Canada, UK and the Gulf Countries.

Outsource BIM Service, BIM modeling consulting services for designing and engineering projects like BIM Drafting Outsourcing Services, Revit outsourcing, BIM Modeling Outsourcing Services, Structure BIM Modeling Outsourcing Services, MEP BIM Modeling Outsourcing Services, Structural Detailing Outsourcing Services, 3D Modeling Outsourcing Services, 4D Simulation Outsourcing Services, BIM Implementation Outsourcing Services, BIM Modeling Services, Building Design, Scan to BIM, Architectural and Outsourcing Services BIM and Drafting Services at cost-effective prices to clients across US, UK, Canada, Australia and UAE, India.

  • 3D Modeling Outsourcing Services

    We specialize in Outsource 3D BIM Modeling services for AEC industry. We offer high-quality 3D BIM modeling solutions for better building designs. Our 3D model outsourcing services aim to bring coordination and collaboration between different disciplines.

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  • Outsource 4D Simulation Services

    Being the leading Outsource BIM service providers in India, we provide extension 4D simulation outsourcing services and support to our clients with the global standards.

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  • Outsource Structural Detailing Services

    With AR / VR Outsource BIM Modeling all the designing, aesthetics, possibilities, additional requirements can be seen very well and very easily which is also very lively. Evaluating the project therefore becomes easier and eliminates redundancy.

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  • Outsource BIM Infrastructure Planning

    We regularly audit existing structured essential Outsourcing BIM infrastructure plans as part of BIM implementation to be a leader in the success of any customer or organization.

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  • Outsource Scan To BIM Services

    Our Scan to BIM outsourcing services are the top notch BIM services in the country. We offer cost-effective and expert Point cloud to BIM services solution, BIM models and Outsource Scan to BIM modeling services in India, USA and globe.

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  • Outsource MEP BIM Services

    We provide complete MEP BIM Outsourcing solutions to AEC firms worldwide, and our MEP Outsource BIM modeling service sector includes CAD design and drafting services, Revit MEP BIM modeling, 3D CAD drawing services, 3D AutoCAD modeling.

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  • Outsource Prefabricated MEP Drawings

    We provide Prefabricated MEP outsource drawings services including prefabricated outsourcing construction modeling services, DFMA modeling and drawings, 3D modular construction drawings at the initial stage of prefabrication.

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  • Outsource Prefabrication & DFMA

    DFMA prefabrication saves time thereby improving productivity and we provide a modular model of constructions, Outsource prefabricated construction drawings, shop drawings with the use of Revit, AutoCAD and Inventor software.

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  • Revit Outsourcing Services

    We offer cost-effective and reliable Outsource Revit Modeling services for Architectural, structural and MEP disciplines. We can help you in Revit Family Creation Outsourcing services and relevant REVIT family creation projects.

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  • Outsource BIM Coordination Services

    MaRS BIM provide high quality BIM Coordination and clash detection outsourcing services. We deliver coordinated and clash-free construction drawings. We follow a results-oriented strategy for integrated construction document support to customers.

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  • Outsource Facility Management

    We provide facility management Outsourcing and support services to over Client. We offer various features of building operation and maintenance optimization through facility management.

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  • Outsource Integrated Project Delivery

    We provide Integrated Project Delivery with (BIM) Building Information Modeling outsourcing for the constructional project delivery. The Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) combines ideas from integrated practice and lean construction.

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  • Outsource BIM Clash Detection Services

    We offer MEP BIM coordination outsourcing and coordinated Outsource 3D clash detection service which manages building systems that allows for a flawless detection of possible interferences between trades.

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  • Outsource BIM Implementation Services

    We have been providing high grade BIM implementation outsourcing support that work at various levels. We know that proper implementation of Outsource BIM Services is needed to meet the requirements of all modern architectural projects.

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Benefits of Outsourcing BIM Services

  • Improve Coordination and Collaboration
  • Simulate and Visualise
  • Conflict Detection and Risk Mitigation
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Optimised Solutions
  • Reduction in Costing
  • Reduce Waste
  • Easy Maintenance of Building Life cycle, requirement, design, planning, contruction and operational
What to outsource ?
  • BIM Implementation & Training
  • Outsource Architecture BIM
  • Outsource Structure BIM
  • Outsource MEPF BIM
  • Outsource Point Cloud
  • Outsource 4D Simulation
  • Revit outsourcing
  • Cad outsourcing
  • Outsource Manpower Deputation

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