Virtual design and construction

VDC is a relatively new technology, thus a lot of people do find it difficult to understand the true nature and use of VDC (virtual design and construction).

The tool is really helpful to the project managers, as with the help of these VDC, they can analyze a construction project through a 3D model so as to perfect its design phases.

The things that are worth knowing about VDC are:

It Allows You to Plan and Manage a Building Project

This is a method of creating a project virtually first rather than portraying it directly into the real world.

Since, you are making a 3D model at first, thus you will be able to correct any potential errors that occur or may occur in the nearer future in the model. Thus the structural integrity of your project will be enhanced.

As a result of this, you can significantly lower down the risk of your business and reduce overall project costs.

It’s Not BIM anyways.

VDC is new but it is not BIM as it is being interpreted these days by many. The 2 concepts are definitely close to each other but they cannot be used interchangeably.

BIM is all about 3D modelling of the physical objects, it is all about building an object virtually using relevant and associated information.

Whereas, VDC on the other hand makes use of BIM models for planning the process of construction from start to end. As compared to BIM, VDC focuses more on BIM model’s construction planning along with scheduling, budgeting and cost estimation.

VDC need not to involve BIM and on the other hand BIM can also be performed without any support of VDC. BIM is much more specific as to VDC although both are equally important when it is about planning and managing a construction project.


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